Montenegro is a gem of the Southern Adriatic that has to offer it all. Compact area ofthe country basks in the sun on average 240 days a year and encloses Europe’s most spectacular beaches, majestic mountains and pristine lakes. Unlike the rest of Adriatic, Montenegro has retained much of its untouched beauty and is not overbuilt due to its recent political and economical isolation.

Montenegro has strategic nautical location in the Mediterranean Sea and is easily accessible from all major European cities. Foreign and local investors enjoy country’s favourable economic and financial climate. The country’s corporate tax is 9%, the lowest in the world. The area is luxuriate in multi-ethnic harmony, political stability and safety, and solid economic growth. World Travel and Tourism Council predicts annual investment growth rate of 16.8% from 2011 to 2021, making Montenegro the world’s fastest growing investment market.

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